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Commercial trucks are important partners in California’s booming economy. These vehicles are instrumental in transporting goods across large distances on U.S. roadways. The sheer mass of these mammoth vehicles, however, expose other motorists to risks of fatal truck accidents.

The National Highway Traffic Safety Administration (NHTSA) has revealed that approximately 5,000 fatal truck accidents happen every year. When fatal truck accidents occur, families who have lost their loved one in these collisions will likely be entitled to compensation for their profound loss when the crash is due to the negligence or recklessness of:

  • The truck driver or another motorist
  • The trucking company that employs the truck driver and/or owns the truck involved in the collision
  • The vehicle equipment manufacturer, when a piece of equipment on the truck failed to work properly and, as a result, caused the accident
  • The auto repair shop and/or technician who previously repaired the truck and whose mistakes caused the fatal crash.

Fatal Truck Accidents Due to Human Error

While fatal truck accidents may, in rare situations, be attributed to unpreventable factors, most cases are caused by human error such as:

  • Driver intoxication
  • Driver exhaustion or fatigue which significantly impair driver reaction times and ability to perceive changing driving conditions
  • Driver’s inexperience, affecting his ability to properly maneuver the truck on dangerous road conditions or which can lead to jackknifing
  • Driver’s reckless behavior, which can involve violating traffic laws, speeding, cutting off other drivers, failing to yield the right of way, and run red lights
  • An improperly secured load, which can break free during transport
  • Trucking company’s negligence in failing to train drivers, failing to maintain trucks, and violating federal regulations

Why You Need the Encino Truck Accident Lawyers at Binder Law Group, PLC

A fatal truck accident is often a complex case involving various factors that an experienced Encino truck accident lawyer readily understands. Our Firm also understands how it’s important for you to pursue the party responsible for your untimely loss and make them answer for your irreplaceable loss. We can help you move on from your unspeakable loss by fighting for your right to recover compensation that can cover funeral and burial expenses, your costs of living, and other necessities during this difficult time.

At Binder Law Group, PLC, our Encino fatal truck accident attorneys have been helping families who have lost a loved one in a trucking collision stand up to insurance companies to secure the maximum possible compensation for their injuries and losses. We encourage you to meet with us and learn more about your rights and legal options during a free, no obligations initial consultation.

Our lawyers are prepared to act immediately in your case, and invite you to call us today at (626) 793-9124 or email us using the form on this page.

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