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In a Pasadena Motorcycle Accident? Here’s What to Do

Immediately after a motorcycle accident on your motor bike, you will want to make sure everyone is OK. Focus on yourself first. If you’ve been struck by a car, chances are you were at a greater risk than the other driver or passengers. Get yourself to a safe location away from traffic and out of harm’s way. Then, check on the other people involved.

Call police, or make sure that a witness has called police. While it’s OK to move your motorcycle or the other cars involved to ensure everyone is safe, you should avoid moving them for any other reason. In fact, it’s best not to move any vehicles until the police arrive, or you have documented the scene with photographs.

Get Medical Care & Evidences of Motorcycle Accident

If you are injured in motorcycle accident, the priority should be to get the medical care and treatment you need. If possible, you should exchange information with the other involved drivers, and get the name and contact information of eyewitnesses. Taking pictures of the Pasadena motorcycle accident accident scene is also a good idea.

Once the police have filed their reports and you have received any emergency medical care you may need, it is a good idea to contact an experienced Pasadena motorcycle accident lawyer as soon as possible.

Motorcycle Collisions and Liability

It is a common misnomer that motorcyclists are more likely to be found at fault for a motorcycle accident than the drivers of other vehicles. Many people believe that if a motorcycle is involved in an accident, then the rider must have caused the crash. There is no research to support this belief, and, in fact, the opposite is almost always true. Car drivers cause many more accidents than motorcycle riders, if for no other reason than there are many more cars than motorcycles on the road. Most commonly, car drivers just don’t do a good job looking out for motorcycles and this leads to serious injuries for the motor bike rider.

Meeting with a Pasadena Motorcycle Accident Attorney After a Bike Crash

Meeting with a Pasadena motorcycle accident attorney about your legal options following a motorcycle accident should be a priority, because the statute of limitations puts limits on how long you have to collect compensation for your medical bills, rehabilitation costs, lost wages, and other damages.

The injuries sustained in motorcycle accidents are frequently much more serious than those that occur in car accidents. Motorcycle riders are much more at risk for injury, since they don’t have the luxury of being inside a vehicle’s steel cage, or having protections such as seat belts and airbags. This level of exposure with only a helmet and sometimes other riding gear to protect you oftentimes leads to greater injuries, including serious, debilitating injuries that require ongoing care or lead to permanent disfigurement or disability.

The costs of caring for these more severe, life-changing injuries can quickly eclipse the limits available through a typical insurance claim. An experienced Pasadena  motorcycle accident lawyer can help you negotiate a settlement that will provide all the care you need and cover your medical expenses stemming from the accident. If a settlement is not possible, a Pasadena personal injury lawyer can ensure you receive a fair payout for your injuries.

How Binder & Associates in Pasadena Helps Clients: A Case Study

Binder & Associates can help victims of motorcycle accidents, even in cases where you may believe you have no chance at winning a personal injury case. Recently, the Pasadena motorcycle accident lawyer represented a gentleman who was involved in a serious motorcycle accident where his bike was the only vehicle involved. Many people — including police and eyewitnesses — rushed to the conclusion that he was at-fault, because he was the only driver involved in the accident.

Binder & Associates, however, performed an in-depth investigation that uncovered the real cause of the accident. Oil residue on the street from a prior accident caused him to lose control of his bike, leading to the crash. The Pasadena motorcycle accident law firm located the parties involved in that accident and determined the cause of the crash, leading them to the party liable for the oil residue on the street. We were then able to hold this party responsible for our client’s crash, and he received compensation for his serious injuries. This was possible because of the experience and resources of Pasadena motorcycle accident attorneys at Binder & Associates.

Binder & Associates, Pasadena Motorcycle Accident Attorneys You Need

If you were involved in a Pasadena motorcycle crash, you can get the legal advice and support you need from Pasadena motorcycle accident attorneys at Binder & Associates. Even if you are not sure about liability in the accident, or if you believe insurance may cover your injuries, it cannot hurt to give us a call. Many of our clients have found their injuries require much more care than they initially realized, and their financial options are quickly exhausted. Getting the process started as soon as possible after an accident means you get the compensation you deserve sooner. Call our Pasadena motorcycle accident lawyers today at (626) 793-9124 for a free, no-obligation case evaluation.

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