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Thousands of motor vehicle accidents happen at stop signs, causing severe and fatal injuries to motorists and passengers yearly in the U.S. A stop-sign accident can be attributed to various factors, but in many cases, driver error or driver negligence is a major cause.

Factors in Stop-Sign Accident

Stop sign accidents typically happen due to:

  • A driver failing to obey traffic signals such as by running through a red light;
  • A driver failing to yield the right of way when making a left turn in an intersection;
  • Driving while intoxicated or under the influence of illegal or regulated substances;
  • Distracted driving or driver inattention;
  • Speeding or racing

Claiming Compensation for Stop-Sign Accident Injuries

If you sustained injuries in a stop-sign accident due to the other driver’s recklessness, you will likely be entitled to compensation for your medical bills, property damage, lost earnings or salaries, and mental suffering which you can claim from the insurance company of the reckless driver. While you may be able to present a claim with the other party’s insurance company, you may not obtain the fair value of compensation that you deserve without the help of an experienced stop-sign accident lawyer.

At Binder Law Group, PLC, our lawyers know how insurance companies routinely deny injury claims or persuade the injured claimant to receive an inadequate value for their injuries. Our experienced Encino stop-sign accident lawyers will work very hard to ensure that you receive only the true value of compensation that you legally deserve.

Proving Fault in Stop-Sign Accidents

Our attorneys are prepared to work immediately for you by gathering critical evidence that can establish the recklessness or negligence of the other driver. We will examine the police report and thoroughly investigate the site of the accident to determine the cause of your injuries. Busy intersections will typically have surveillance cameras and possibly video footage of the accident. Other witnesses present at the time of the accident can also provide testimony that can prove how the other driver ran a stop sign, or otherwise broke the law on the occasion of the collision.

Our firm will consider all the evidence available in your situation in order to build a strong case against the party whose fault caused your injuries.

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