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Tour buses are meant to be pleasant and leisurely rides, transporting passengers to exciting destinations across Southern California. Like all motor vehicles, tour buses are exposed to risks of traffic accidents that can result in severe injuries to bus passengers and to the occupants of other passenger vehicles.

Unfortunately, when a tour bus accident happens, people tend to suffer catastrophic injuries because of these vehicles:

  • Often travel in high traffic areas
  • May not be equipped with seatbelts for passengers, causing head injuries, brain injuries, and other serious physical damages
  • Are huge, heavy vehicles that are likely to cause significant harm to other motorists even when traveling at low speeds

Various factors can cause a tour bus accident. But when the bus driver or some other party’s negligence or recklessness causes the accident or partly contributed to the tour bus crash, injured victims can claim compensation for their medical expenses, lost wages, permanent injuries, property damage, and other losses. If you or a family member sustained injuries in such an accident, working with the experienced Encino tour bus accident lawyers of Binder Law Group, PLC can significantly impact your chances of obtaining the maximum value of compensation that you legally deserve.

When Negligence Causes Tour Bus Accidents…

Many tour bus accidents are attributed to some negligent or reckless behavior of a party, such as:

  • Driver intoxication or driver exhaustion/fatigue
  • Driver inexperience or the driver not having a valid driver’s license
  • Driver distraction on account of using a cellphone or GPS system or other activity that causes the driver to miss important cues such as the brake lights or signal lights of other vehicles
  • Driver deliberately violating traffic laws by speeding, running a red light, or failing to use turning signals when approaching an intersection
  • Failing to properly maintain the bus, causing a brake failure or the other vehicle’s equipment malfunction
  • Dangerous road conditions such as uneven road construction, absence of guardrails, and working signals at intersections

Encino Bus Accident Lawyers That Are Here For You

For more than 4 decades, the attorneys at Binder Law Group, PLC have been advocating the rights of tour bus accident victims, consistently obtaining fair settlements for their injuries and losses. Our Encino bus accident attorneys have an excellent grasp of personal injury law and have fierce litigating skills that allow us to secure the true value of compensation that our clients legally deserve.

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