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When Doctors Make Mistakes: 5 Signs of Malpractice (Part 2)

If you suspect a doctor’s mistakes have impacted your health, contact the Pasadena malpractice lawyers at Binder and Associates.

If you suspect a doctor’s mistakes have impacted your health, contact the Pasadena malpractice lawyers at Binder and Associates.

Picking up from When Doctors Make Mistakes: 5 Signs of Malpractice (Part 1), here are some more common indications that doctors have made mistakes when providing people with medical care.

3. Doctors can’t answer your questions about your health – During and after the diagnostic process, you will likely have some questions about potential treatments, the prognosis of your condition, etc. A doctor who is confident in his diagnosis and skills should not have any trouble or problems answering your questions and should be encouraging you to ask about any issues or concerns you have regarding your condition.

When doctors clam up, avoid answering your questions and/or can’t give you answers, there may be a problem, as this could be a sign that a doctor has made a mistake and doesn’t want to admit it.

4. Your health is deteriorating even though you are receiving the prescribed treatments – Following a diagnosis, the next phase of the process is usually the administration of treatment to patients. In most cases when proper diagnoses have been made, patients should get better with treatment.

If, however, you seem to be getting worse after receiving treatment, speak up and ask your doctor about what is going on. While there may be a viable explanation for some slight deterioration in your health, in many cases, worsening health after treatment is an indication that something has gone wrong and that doctors may have made mistakes.

5. Different doctors have wildly different diagnoses of your condition – When the diagnostic process is properly administered by qualified physicians, different doctors should reach the same conclusions about patients’ health (in other words, different physicians should have no problem reaching the same diagnoses after running tests and reading the results).

When doctors have extremely different opinions about your condition, something may not be right, as one or both of these doctors may have made a mistake with your medical care.

The Pasadena Malpractice Lawyers at Binder and Associates

If you believe that a doctor has made a mistake with your medical care, you need an attorney who understands personal injury law and knows what steps to take on your behalf. At Binder and Associates, our Pasadena malpractice attorneys have been committed to aggressively defending victims’ rights and helping people like you in the Pasadena, California area since 1973. Our thorough knowledge of the law and our fierce litigating skills allow us to consistently help accident victims secure the maximum possible compensation for their injuries and losses.

At Binder and Associates, we take pride in providing individual service and attention to each our clients, and we are selective in the number of cases we take. This allows us to focus on the issue at hand, attack each case with vigor and provide the highest quality legal work possible. It also allows us to keep each of our clients informed about the status of their cases at all times so that they never feel that they are being left in the dark when it comes to their the important legal matters.

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