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Monitoring Systems To Boost Car Safety, Fight Distraction

When it comes to car safety, few of us actually think of the implications of new safety technology. We also ignore how the technology may help us to prevent a series of factors that often lead to major auto accidents.

According to some experts, cars of the future could soon be making distracted driving a thing of the past. But how skeptical should you be about this claim?

Automakers Work to Improve Car Safety Tech

Experts have been working on reviewing some of the work carried out by automakers and their infotainment research teams. Some of the technologies that could emerge from this work could soon be making us safer than we may have imagined.

According the reports, having technologies that are able to read how the driver is responding to his or her environment could ensure the driver’s safety. But how? According to Honda’s chief engineer for infotainment research, knowledge on the driver’s cognitive functions could help the system to read when the driver is distracted and when he is focused.

The technology could also read levels of anxiety. By monitoring the workload the driver is having to put up with, the system could be able to determine just how tired or distracted the driver is. This kind of car safety technology could make the incidence of crashes caused by distraction less likely.

Experts say that this kind of car safety system could also read the road, as well as external information that could be putting the driver under extra loads of pressure. The combination of methods could extend the system’s knowledge over what the driver is handling and how he’s handling it, increasing the technology’s rage. Some experts say that once this technology is put in place, drivers could experience fewer accidents since a warning technology would also be put in place to alert the driver that he or she should not be driving when they have no physical conditions to continue.

While car safety technology developers already have these features ready, most agree that more testing is required to ensure that the system would actually perfect the art of letting drivers know when they have had enough. Experts say that this type of monitoring system could also help drivers by aiding users with the navigation system programming as well as dealing with other infotainment features.

Drivers could interpret the use of these technologies as a nuisance, but many car safety experts believe it could be the answer to the distracted driving problem.

If you’re curious to know more how the monitoring system could help to ensure distracted driving accidents do not occur as often as they do now, follow this link.

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