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Heavy Rains Cause Panic in Southern California Roads

The rain that has been pouring over Southern California has been increasing the accident risks for drivers, bicycle and motorcycle riders, and even pedestrians.

According to recent news reports, heavy rain caused streets in Riverside County to flood during the night. As a result, at least 40 people in the region had to be rescued with the help of the authorities. Flash floods have been causing drivers in the region to experience difficulties when it’s time to leave the house and vehicles ended up getting stuck as a result.

Visibility issues combined with flooded roads have prompted firefighters to stay alert, especially after so many drivers had to be rescued by them overnight and early morning.

Residents have also been suffering due to the heavy rain. According to news sources, at least eight residents had to be evacuated from their homes. The authorities feared the threat of mud and debris flow could expose the locals to personal injuries, thus prompting the rescue team to act. Unfortunately for at least two families in the area, they ended up being displaced due to the heavy flooding before the authorities could act.

How to Avoid Accidents due to the Heavy Rains

For the rest of Southern California, slippery roads and other problems stemming from the heavy rains could increase the risk of serious and even deadly auto accidents. If you find it hard to navigate the roads when traffic is heavy and your visibility is impaired, staying home should be your priority. If you have to hit the road during the rainy seasons, however, making sure you check for flash flood warnings before you leave the house could help you to avoid major accidents.

Experts have been urging drivers in Los Angeles, Orange County, and San Bernardino to slow down if the roads are slippery, even after the rain has stopped. Too often, cars will slide if drivers press the brakes too quickly. Allowing the vehicle to run slower and taking the foot off the accelerator so that it may slow down on its own before you hit the brakes could help to avoid wheel spinning.

Allowing a greater distance between your vehicle and the vehicle ahead could also help you to prevent major collisions. Experts say that when driving on slippery roads, allowing a greater distance between vehicles could give you more time to react in case an issue presents itself ahead.

For more details on the major floods hitting California, follow this link. During the next few days, paying close attention to weather reports and flood warnings could help save your life so stay alert.

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