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Binder & Associates Personal Injury Law Firm In Pasadena

Binder & Associates is a Pasadena-based law firm that has been helping people in the Los Angeles, California, area since 1973. We have the knowledge, experience and resources to help you. You do not pay unless we win your case.

No Recovery - No Fee Pasadena Personal Injury Attorneys

Top-Rated and Award Winning Law Firm in California.

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We invite you to come in, talk to our attorneys and see for yourself how we can help you be fully compensated for your injury.

Personal Injury Attorneys Pasadena, California

Binder & Associates: We Stand Apart

At Binder & Associates, our Pasadena personal injury attorney have the experience, knowledge and skills necessary to pursue your personal injury case and obtain the outcome you are entitled to. Our law firm’s Pasadena personal injury lawyer are result oriented with an eye toward protecting your rights to the upmost, while we strive to expedite your accident case to resolution as quickly as our legal system allows. For almost 40 years, Binder & Associates in Pasadena have navigated countless personal injury cases through our complex and challenging court system, achieving outstanding success at every level of the litigation process, including resolution via direct negotiation, court appointed judges, retained mediators and of course jury trial.

Our law firm stand apart because we are seasoned personal injury lawyers in Pasadena and because we know what it takes to get you the results you are entitled to. We apply not only our years of knowledge and experience representing you, but we back up our confidence in your Pasadena injury/accident case by advancing the resources necessary to win, such as hiring experts, covering court costs, and financing discovery.

Experienced Car Accident Attorneys in Pasadena. CA

We handle personal injury cases throughout California. Home based in Pasadena since 1978, we are conveniently located in the greater Los Angeles area and freeway close to Orange, Ventura, San Bernardino and Riverside Counties. In addition, together with partner law firms, our Pasadena car accident lawyer represent clients throughout the Country. Over the years we have developed relationships with personal injury lawyers nation wide, this allows us to stand apart. In the event your cause must be litigated outside of California, we have the resources to represent you, teamed with outstanding law firms in other states. Our Pasadena car accident lawyers will have active involvement in your accident case, directly representing you together with our partner Pasadena personal injury lawyers.

Accomplished Personal Injury & Auto Accident Attorneys in Pasadena

Cumulatively, the Pasadena auto accident attorneys at Binder & Associates law firm have over 60 years of litigation experience. All of the Pasadena personal injury accident attorneys at Binder & Associates have been recognized year after year as “SUPER LAWYERS” by our peers, as published in Los Angeles Magazine and we have been voted Top Attorney” by Pasadena Magazine on multiple occasions. These accolades, and many others, have come about because we are passionate about bringing justice to those wrongfully injured and doing our best to make sure we have the time and resources to fully represent our clients. Our law firm’s Pasadena personal injury attorney are never too busy to address the concerns of our clients and work with them to achieve our mutual goals.


Pasadena Personal Injury Lawyers With A Track Record of Success

Over our many years of performing legal services, our law firms Pasadena personal injury attorney have a proven record of outstanding achievements that we are proud of and which are not only recognized by our peers but just as importantly, by the defense attorneys employed by most insurance companies.

Our adversaries know that we can and will fight for our clients and that we can not be intimidated or threatened by the tactics they employ. Often individuals that are physically (and many times emotionally) injured, can by put off by the notion of doing battle with a large, well funded, insurance company. our Pasadena personal injury lawyer however, level the playing field, we shoulder those concerns on behalf of our clients.

Call Our Car Accident & Personal Injury Lawyers in Pasadena, CA Now!

While we vigorously pursue our client’s claims, we know and appreciate the concerns you may have regarding the impact your injuries will have on your future. We appreciate that often, you may need medical care, which you might not be able to afford. Our law firms Pasadena personal injury attorney can often help in this regard by recommending to you medical facilities and doctors that will treat you on a lien basis. We understand your concerns regarding reimbursement for everything from property damage to loss of earnings, to compensation for pain and suffering and future medical care needs. Our Pasadena personal injury lawyers want you to make recovery from your injury your number one concern, while we work on the tasks of your accident case, while trying to maximize your financial recovery.

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Making A Difference

For Our Clients

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Hiring the right attorney for your accident case can make the difference between getting “partial” reimbursement for your injures as opposed to being “made whole” again. At Binder & Associates we do not consider ourselves just any law firm. We work and have worked, very hard to ensure that you obtain the best possible resolution of your case given the facts and circumstances surrounding your injury. We do not make promises regarding your case we cannot deliver, so we will not exaggerate the value of your injury or the misrepresent the amount of time it will take to obtain resolution. We will make certain that you are fully advised as to any important issues that might arise concerning your claim and of course we will respond timely to any questions you might have as your case progresses. We will strive to provide you with the information necessary to make the most critical decision of any case, accepting a settlement offer, or moving forward toward trail.

We are detail oriented, recognizing that sometimes an obscure note on a hospital record or making the extra effort to find or interview an overlooked witness, can make all the difference in winning or losing.

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  • Robert B.

    We had a personal injury case for our son. Ron Binder was wonderful to work with. He had a lot of compassion and understanding for our son. I have nothing negative to say about Binder and Associates. They are professional…

  • Tish V

    Ron Binder took my case & worked for me as you would hope an attorney would. He was honest, hardworking, intelligent & always on my side. 10/10 stars!

  • Susan B.

    Incredibly attentive. Highly professional. Exceeded my expectations.

Personal Injury Explained

Personal injury can mean something different to everyone. Each case we represent is unique in its cause, and what our clients consider recovery. We approach each case by defining personal injury as applied harm to an individual physically, through death or even monetarily.

Monetary injuries are cases where someone is hurt, but is not receiving insurance benefits as a result, causing out of pocket financial burden. In each of these cases, our clients are suffering in a way that requires an individual, company or entity to be held responsible for their injuries. That is where our focus lies, on identifying the responsible party and pursuing the best settlement possible for our clients.

Starting The Process With A Free Consultation

We do not take just any case. We specialize in serious injury cases, and our track record of successes in this area speaks for itself. However that said, we invite all injured parties, their loved ones and close friends to contact us with respect to any injury so we might have the opportunity to evaluate what is or is not a “serious injury.” Of course, all injury consultations are free and there is no obligation to retain our firm.

Just contact our office by phone or email and we make a preliminary determination as to whether or not an in-office meeting is warranted. If a consultation is scheduled (at a mutually convenient time) we simply request that the injury party or the person(s) authorized to speak for them, attend the meeting. In addition, you should bring along any documentation that supports the claim, such as medical records, medical bills, police reports, drivers license or identity card, proof of insurance and letters from any insurance company involved in the case. These type of documents will make the process of evaluating the case much easier and save you a substantial amount of time. In most instances we can decide if you have a case that our office wants to pursue on your behalf at the initial meeting.

What Types Of Cases Do We Take?

At Binder & Associates we hold ourselves out as a personal injury law firm. That takes into consideration a lot of territory. It goes without saying that personal injury pertains to auto accidents, as well as accidents involving any type of vehicle, public or private. That includes, planes, trains, buses, bicycles, trucks, motorcycles and so forth.. Pedestrians hit by a vehicle are of course included. In addition, individuals injured by a dog, or a dangerous condition on someone’s property, a victim of a physical attack or sexual harassment at work, are cases we litigate. In addition, we also handle employment law cases, including wage and hour matters, wrongful termination and work place discrimination.

Choosing An Accomplished Legal Team

While there are many law firms in greater Los Angeles to choose from, it is important for potential clients to know what past clients at Binder & Associates have known for more than 35 years, nobody works harder for the individuals we represent. As stated above, our track record of success speaks for itself. We invite you to come in, talk to our attorneys and see for yourself how we can help you be fully compensated for your injury.

Please contact our accomplished legal team at (626) 793-9124

Meet Our Attorneys

Top-Rated And Award Winning Law Firm In Pasadena - Los Angeles County
  • Richard C. Binder
    Richard C. Binder

    Pasadena Attorney Mr. Richard Binder received his B.S. from California State University Los Angeles in 1967, and his J.D. (Law Degree) from the University of West Los Angeles Law School where he served as Law Review Editor in 1973…

    Read More
  • Warren J. Binder
    Warren J. Binder

    Pasadena Personal Injury Attorney, Warren Binder, is a highly accomplished and experienced Litigator. Mr. Binder handles cases throughout California, and in some instances other states too. He specializes in catastrophic personal injury and…

    Read More
  • Ronald M. Binder
    Ronald M. Binder

    Ronald Binder is a plaintiff’s lawyer whose practice focuses on representing individuals and their families members who have suffered personal injuries and damages due to a negligent act or the wrongful conduct of another.

    Read More
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