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Pedestrian Accident Lawyers in Pasadena, California

Pedestrian Accidents and Their Causes 

A pedestrian accident usually comes as a surprise to both the individual who is injured, and the person who causes the accident, as the most common cause in these cases is a distracted driver who is simply not paying attention. This can result in a pedestrian being struck while crossing the street, usually in a crosswalk where they assume safety in their movements, while the driver hasn’t even noticed a person or the signage ahead of them.

Calculating Compensation for Pedestrian Accidents 

Although each case is unique, there are a number of financial avenues our attorneys may pursue in Pedestrian Accident cases, including, but not limited to:

  • Past, Present & Future Medical Expenses
  • Past, Present & Future Loss of Wages, Salaries, Earnings & Commissions
  • Past, Present & Future Pain & Suffering
  • Loss of Personal Property

Hit & Run Pedestrian Accidents

In a perfect world, individuals would not have to worry about being injured by another who would leave the scene of an accident instead of doing the right thing and taking responsibility for their actions.

Unfortunately, the latter isn’t always the case. The best case scenario in a hit and run pedestrian accident is that the person who was struck – or a witness at the scene – is able to identify the vehicle and provide a license plate number. Our attorney resources, including partnerships with law enforcement agencies and the use of private investigators, allow us to track down drivers who have unlawfully left the scene of an accident and hold them responsible.

Traffic Laws & Pedestrian Rights

In over 90% of cases, drivers are responsible for avoiding pedestrians – especially those lawfully crossing at both marked crosswalks, and corner to corner crossings. Pedestrians are expected to apply common sense to crossing, by not stepping in front of a vehicle that cannot change its course or stop suddenly. And although most people abide by these traffic laws, speeding vehicles, those running red lights and especially distracted drivers cause injuries to pedestrians who are using the traffic laws properly. When this happens, the pedestrian can be injured severely.

Holding Drivers Responsible for their Actions

Pedestrian Accidents are cases we take very seriously at Binder & Associates. Keep in mind that a vehicle can weigh – literally – a ton, and when it collides with an individual, serious injuries can result.

We begin our case by insuring that, first, our clients get the medical care necessary to achieve the best possible treatment available. Our attorneys will move forward by opening a dialog with the insurance companies involved, after obtaining the police report and speaking with the investigating officer.

Determining who was at fault in any Pedestrian Accident case is the key to applying responsibility for the injuries sustained as a result. In some cases, the fault lies with more than just an individual and can include a government agency or private company.

With the experience our attorneys have in these cases, we are able to assess the cases financial recovery potential, and the measurements can vary extensively. Our attorneys are capable of estimating damages early on, achieving calculations from $25,000 – over one million dollars, which allows us to stand apart from other firms.

Case Studies: Helping Pedestrians Accident Victims 

At Binder & Associates, we are proud of the work we do, and the results we achieve for our clients. In one particular Pedestrian Accident case we handled, our client was a mother of three who was on vacation with several families who traveled with campers, RVs and motor-homes.

As they traveled in a caravan, one of the vehicles had a blowout, requiring a tire change. As some of the travelers exited the vehicles, so did the daughter of our client. As the travelers mingled on the side of the road, the daughter was hit by a bakery truck, whose driver probably fell asleep and lost control of his vehicle. She was killed instantly in front of everyone in the group, horrifying everyone involved.

This case was tragic, and certainly could have fallen into two groups; wrongful death and pedestrian accident. We chose the latter to provide the best outcome possible for our client and to seek the financial recovery her family deserved. We handle these types of cases often, and it is always our goal to deliver justice for our clients.

Choosing a Respected Legal Partner 

At Binder & Associates, our experience sets us apart in the state of California. We have been recovering settlements for our clients for nearly four decades, and we work very hard to insure that our partnerships in the state range far and wide to deliver the best resources possible for those we represent. Contact our firm today at (626) 793-9124 to discuss your case during a free consultation, and learn how we can help you proceed with your particular case.

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