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What to Do after a Dog Attack

Dogs are generally regarded as safe animals to have in homes but they may act defensively around strangers or people that they regard as threats. A dog bite or dog attack can also happen without any provocation by the victim who are often very young children or elderly people who can suffer serious and even fatal injuries. Immediately following a dog bite or a dog attack, getting treatment for your injuries should be your first concern. After seeking medical attention, your next step is to speak with an experienced dog attack attorney about your situation.

Taking Action for Your Dog-Attack Injuries

A dog attack experience is often traumatic and can lead to an emotionally challenging time as you, your child or other loved one is healing from dog attack injuries. At these trying times, it’s important to have an experienced dog attack attorney who can answer all your questions about your rights and who can take legal action on your behalf.

Immediately after a dog attack, preserving the evidence of the incident can boost the overall value of your case. Here’s how you can preserve important evidence of a dog attack:

  • Take pictures of the bite and other evidence that can demonstrate the extent of your injuries.
  • Call animal control to isolate the dog and look out for rabies symptoms. California law requires biting dogs to be placed under isolation and observation for rabies symptoms for a period of 10 days.
  • Identify the dog and dog owner. Take down the dog owner’s name, address and contact information.

Under California law, an injured person in a dog attack can recover compensation from the dog owner even when the dog does not have a prior history or record of viciousness. At Binder & Associates, our Pasadena dog attack lawyers can investigate the dog’s history for any previous attacks or dog biting incidents and will fight to obtain the full value of compensation that you are entitled to receive.

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