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Tire Blowouts: Causes and Prevention (Part 2)

Continuing from Tire Blowouts: Causes and Prevention (Part 1), in the following, some additional important information regarding tire maintenance will be provided. Specifically, while Part 1 of this blog was focused on examining some of the most common causes of tire...

Tire Blowouts: Causes and Prevention (Part 1)

While having good tires on your vehicle(s) is an essential part of keeping your vehicle(s) well maintained, unfortunately, there are a number of things that can go wrong with tires and, as a result, cause tire blowouts (which themselves can result in the snowballing...

Concerns of Tire Defects Lead to Massive Michelin Tire Recall

About 1.3 million tires have been recently recalled by tire maker Michelin as a result of findings that defects with these tires could increase the possibility of tread separation and air leakage from tires. Such tire defects can, in turn, have a cascading risk of...

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