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Personal Injury Attorneys in Pasadena

Binder & Associates: We Stand Apart 

At Binder & Associates, our attorneys have the experience necessary to lead personal injury cases through the courts, achieving success at every turn. Our attorneys have handled innumerable personal injury cases, and have experienced the nuances of each court rooms while embracing their challenges along the way, allowing us to become seasoned and accomplished as a result.

As a result, we have handled cases in several states, creating partnerships with legal liaisons throughout the country. This has helped solidify our success, while allowing our experience, partnerships and unique approach to applying each of our resources accordingly to help our firm stand apart from the rest.

Accomplished Personal Injury & Accident Attorneys

With over thirty years of experience, our attorneys have cultivated a passion for representing personal injury victims. Our lawyers and support staff focus on sticking up for our clients by battling the large, bullish insurance companies who are trying to take advantage of their intimidating stature. We understand that victims who have suffered personal injury are already frightened of what’s to come, including the medical costs, future treatment needs and loss of income. This is why we work hard to help these individuals focus on their recovery, while we take on those who are trying to shortchange them in the form of financial restitution.

Making a Difference for Our Clients

Hiring an attorney in a personal injury case can make all of the difference in recovering fully and suffering extensively. At Binder & Associates, we do not consider ourselves just any law firm. We provide premier personal injury representation for all of our clients, no matter how minor or severe the case may be perceived publicly.

Our fight begins from the moment we provide a free consultation to our prospective clients. Insurance companies have unlimited resources in the form of finances, attorney power and intimidation tactics that can send any injured party into a tailspin. We, on the other hand, are ready to take on these large corporations with all of our legal might and experience to deliver results for our clients.

We provide our clients with the confidence they need to level the playing field, and feel safe in pursuing these giants to pursue the financial restitution they deserve.

Personal Injury Explained 

Personal injury can mean something different to everyone. Each case we represent is unique in its cause, and what our clients consider recovery. We approach each case by defining personal injury as applied harm to an individual physically, through death or even monetarily.

Monetary injuries are cases where someone is hurt, but is not receiving insurance benefits as a result, causing out of pocket financial burden. In each of these cases, our clients are suffering in a way that requires an individual, company or entity to be held responsible for their injuries. That is where our focus lies, on identifying the responsible party and pursuing the best settlement possible for our clients.

Making a Difference, One Case at a Time 

Suffering from a personal injury is life changing. The individuals we represent, and the settlements we pursue, can literally determine the care our clients receive. That point alone, before even considering their compensation needs from lost income and their future medical needs, fuels our passion for delivering results. Our goal is to change the lives of our clients again – post personal injury – to deliver the quality of life they deserve after suffering from the negligence of another.

We understand how injuries affect our clients, and as we experienced with a recent client, medical care can be a lifelong requirement for some of our most severe injury cases. We are happy to report that after identifying that one client would literally require millions of dollars in medical care for the rest of his life, we were able to solidify such a settlement. That is what we consider life changing, and that is our complete focus.

Starting the Process with a Free Consultation 

Binder & Associates provides free consultations to anyone who believes they have suffered a severe personal injury. When we set up this consultation, it is important to understand that the injured individual, or the person representing them, attend the meeting. In addition, any insurance notices, medical records, medical bills or police report – including a cause or case number – would be incredibly helpful in forming a case from the onslaught of our conversations with prospective clients. Individuals should also be able to provide at least one form of identification, so our paperwork can begin in an accomplished form, and we can focus on the case at hand.

Choosing an Accomplished Legal Team 

There are literally thousands of attorneys in the state of California to choose from, and it is important for our clients to understand that our experience is what sets us apart from the rest of the legal teams.

Our personal injury knowledge, partnerships and success allow us to define what a personal injury legal team should be. We focus our energy and determination on pursuing not just a settlement for our clients, but the maximum settlement legally possible.

Contact our accomplished legal team today at (626) 793-9124 to determine how we can help you identify the absolute extent of your personal injuries, the potential of your case, and the subsequent recovery options that are available to you and your family.



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Meet Our Attorneys

Top-Rated and Award Winning Law Firm in Pasadena – Los Angeles County

Richard Carl Binder

Richard Carl Binder

Pasadena Attorney Mr. Richard Binder received his B.S. from California State University Los Angeles in 1967, and his J.D. (Law Degree) from the University of West Los Angeles Law School where he served as Law Review Editor in 1973…

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Warren J. Binder

Warren J. Binder

Pasadena Personal Injury Attorney, Warren Binder, is a highly accomplished and experienced Litigator.Mr. Binder handles cases throughout California, and in some instances other states too. He specializes in catastrophic personal injury and…

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Ronald M. Binder

Ronald M. Binder

Ronald Binder is a plaintiff’s lawyer whose practice focuses on representing individuals and their families members who have suffered personal injuries and damages due to a negligent act or the wrongful conduct of another.

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